Minggu, 13 April 2014

The increase in the Palace Denies JCI as "Jokowi Effect"

The strengthening of the Indonesian economy lately , which is characterized by the strengthening of the Jakarta Composite Index ( JCI ) and the exchange rate , not at all related to the sentiment of market participants to the figure of the presidential candidates ( candidates ) that carried certain parties participating in the General Election ( Election ) . But more due to the stronger economic fundamentals Indonesia as a result of a series of policy packages that have been issued by the government .

This was conveyed by Special Staff of the President for Economic and Development Firmanzah , responding to the views of various circles that connect the appearance of the figure of the presidential candidate of a particular party as the cause of economic empowerment in Indonesia in recent times .

As quoted from the official website of the Cabinet Secretariat , Monday ( 14/04/2014 ) , Firmanzah argued , economic actors are rational actors who continue to base cost-benefit decisions based on things that are fundamental .

"Therefore , when a country's economic fundamentals deteriorate , engineering sentiment in the market will not be effective for example to convince investors to invest in both the stock market and real sector , " he explained .

Professor of the Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia , said in the capital markets and financial markets , the relatively high sensitivity to sentiment when compared to the real sector . But he cautioned , if seen in the spectrum is longer , the movement of capital and financial market performance will run in line with the movement of economic fundamentals .

Firmanzah then pointed to the example , in the second half of 2013, when the issue of the reduction of monetary stimulus to - III ( quantitative easing III ) delivered by the Fed coupled with export - import imbalance between national make - sentiment capital outflow increases . As a result, JCI and the rupiah weakened against the dollar .

However, when Indonesia was able to fix the fundamental aspects of the economy such as the movement to tame inflation , create a trade surplus , increasing foreign exchange reserves and keeping the economic growth at the end of 2013 , then there is a positive trend in the stock index and the movement of the exchange rate in the first - quarter of 2014.

" That is , although shaken role in the short term , in the medium and long term the market will build positive sentiment by strengthening trend of national economic fundamentals , " said Firmanzah .

Firmanzah admitted , may rise and fall of the JCI movement and instantaneous exchange rate is affected by an event , but he believes the market will look back on the things that are fundamental economics .

For example , Firmanzah show , after the announcement of the results of the quick count , JCI at the close on Thursday ( 10.04.13 ) fell by 3.16 per cent or 115.68 points and was at 4765.73 levels . But the next day , JCI gained since market opening and closed up 1.07 per cent to 4816.58 , and is expected to rally to JCI strengthening trend throughout this week and can touch the level of 4900 .

" So , regardless of the number of claims of better candidate JCI and the exchange rate lately , things that can not be denied is the growing strength of Indonesia's economic fundamentals are what make the movement a positive trend since the beginning of 2014 in the financial markets , " said Firmanzah .

Previously , Joko Widodo promoted as a presidential candidate PDI touted affect the Indonesian economy , especially financial markets , aka " Jokowi Effect " . It is seen as he announces as a candidate PDI - P on March 14 , where the stock index surged by 152 points instantly through the level of 4800 , and the rupiah rose to 11,200 per U.S. dollar range . ( Read : Jokowi : I Will Often to let Stock Index Up )
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While post quick count results showed a number of survey institutes PDI - P did not managed to penetrate 20 percent , the market immediately responds by plunging stock index and exchange rate. Despite being in first place , while the sound of quick count results PDI P is considered not as expected previously called - called could reach 27 percent . ( Read also : If Jokowi It Forward candidates , market slumped more )


Kamis, 10 April 2014

Design Perforated Tablet, Samsung Prepare Surprise

SEOUL - Samsung unveil new design patent that the tablet will be produced. Leaked pictures show, this new tablet has a hole in the corner of the device.

Reported Sammobile, Thursday (10/04/2014), patent filings reveal the unique shape of the latest products. A device that resembles the Galaxy Tab is showing a hole in the bottom right corner.

It is not certain to what a hole in the corner of the tablet. The new device also has features such as a tablet in general, as well as a camera on the back of the speaker on the device.

The images also reveal that the company puts support for the stylus on one side. Circulating information, the possibility of these devices is the Galaxy Note series.

It is not known whether Samsung will launch the device with the perforated design in the near future.

Reported Sammobile, patent filings reveal the unique shape of the latest products. A device that resembles the Galaxy Tab is showing a hole in the bottom right corner.
It turns out that Samsung 'Very Fear' Against Apple

After the slide presentation regarding Apple's marketing strategy to beat competitors , now turn Samsung which missed its marketing strategy documents disclosed to the virtual world .

Leaked documents revealed that Samsung's marketing strategy in the AppleInsider site , Tuesday ( 08/04/2014 ) , which showed that Samsung was really depressed by the company that made ​​the late Steve Jobs . (see also: Waptrick download aplikasi gratis)

Mentioned in documents dated in 2012 , the Apple that Samsung saw as the ultimate threat of mobile business pabrikkannya . Apple's iPhone sales looked horrified with the previous year to reach 12.5 million iPhones in the fourth quarter of 2011.

" Threats from Apple is really real and very urgent " Samsung wrote in the leaked document marketing strategy .

Not only that , Samsung also predicts mobile sales of latest iPhone in 2012 is estimated at more than 40 million units . Samsung and predictions are true , which Apple managed to close the fiscal year as many as 150 million units , with the highest sales contribution of the iPhone 5 .


East Ukrainian separatists Ask for Help President Putin

Pro - Russian separatist groups , Thursday ( 04/10/2014 ) , setting up barricades in front of the defense of national security bureau in the city of Luhansk , eastern regions of Ukraine .

They also appealed to Russian President Vladimir Putin after the Ukrainian government threatened to use force to enforce the rules in the city .

The protesters also held talks deadlock related to dilute forgiveness submitted bids Ukrainian parliament if the protesters lay down their weapons and leave the building .

Building in the reign of the Soviet Union is the headquarters of the KGB secret service is one of the three government buildings in eastern Ukraine occupied pro - Russian activists are demanding a referendum or independence .

Tensions rise in eastern Ukraine were inhabited since the Russian -speaking residents president Viktor Yanukovych 's pro - Moscow toppled the pro - Western .

In a press conference held Wednesday evening , Valery Bolikov claiming to be representatives of the army headquarters of southern and eastern region , said talks with the government had failed to reach an agreement .

" In the talks there are a number of issues were discussed , but they have not provided a logical conclusion , " said Bolikov .

Although the number of protesters mengingnkan the region joined with Russia , but according to their demands Bolikov only Lushanks referendum to give more autonomy under a federation of Ukraine .

" We will leave this building if our demands are met federalisasi about the referendum and the government , " said Bolikov .

At the meeting , a man wearing a mask carrying AK- 47 assault rifles , pistols and other firearms lined up in the main corridor of the building .
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Previously , the pro - Russian activists held a number of government buildings in the city of Donetsk , Kharkiv and Luhanks . They demanded convening a referendum as happened in the Crimea recently.


Rabu, 09 April 2014

Crowded Crowded Jakarta Residents Benefit from Discount-Election

Most people use the momentum Jakarta legislative elections also designated as a national holiday to shop in a supermarket .

Based on the observation in one of the shopping centers in the area of ​​Central Jakarta , many people who shop with discounts offered utilizing a number of outlets in a way shows the ink -dipped fingers election as evidence has been cast .

One of the visitors , Winda Julia ( 32 ) , admitted to accidentally come into one shoe and accessories stores in the shopping center to get a special discount on election day .
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"If shopping today could be 50,000 rebate . Kan tolerable . Way too easy , just love the little finger dyed clay election ink . Already cast my morning anyway , " said Winda in Jakarta , Wednesday ( 04/09/2014 ) .

He admitted his decision to vote for this day not because they want to get a special discount , but because they do not want to waste their voting rights as a citizen of Indonesia ( WNI ) .

" In my opinion , too bad if it's the right to vote be wasted , let alone just five years. Thus should be best utilized . Hell for a discount if this is actually just a coincidence , " said Winda .

Another visitor at the mall , Rifky Setiadi ( 27 ) said his arrival was to take advantage of the opportunity to get a free cup of coffee at one of the outlets that sell coffee .


" This promotion is well tolerable . These days , I do not need to spend money to be able to enjoy free coffee all free internet via wi - fi . Equity me that there is only the little finger of his election ink , " said Rifky cool while playing with his laptop .

Similar to Winda , bespectacled man initially claimed not to know about the promo . He recently checked out after one of the social media . " I was intent nyoblos today . Incidentally , after I had checked nyoblos social media , then accidentally found this promo . I take advantage of it, " said Rifky .

To coincide with the national elections , various outlets in a number of shopping centers in Jakarta is known to offer discounts for every purchase by showing a finger dipped election ink as proof of participation democratic party today .